Check out some knowledge about top-notch wigs that are available at Gla Hair and best hair wig wholesale to get ready for entering this exciting world.

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Have you ever known about how gorgeous you can be when wearing a top-notch wig that can compliment all your features? Let’s find out those by looking at these beautiful wigs from Gla Hair! We provide hair wig wholesale with factory price.

Basic knowledge about wigs from Gla Hair Factory

Wigs has a long history and is associated with many historical and economic developments, especially in European and Western countries. As a symbol of wealth and power, wigs were previously used in courts, used by nobles,…. Today, the development of the wig industry as well as fashion trends and human support have made wigs one of the most popular hair extensions worldwide.

Key characteristics of wigs offered by Gla Hair

Among thousands of customers in this competitive field, these are features that helps Gla Hair to stand out as one of the best hair wig wholesaler in European:

  • Affordable price: As Gla Hair is a direct hair factory collecting & producing and exporting hair to global wholesalers, we can supply the best price at the factory for their customers. Normally, the price of a wig at Gla Hair only starts with $79 at 8 inches length.
  • Natural Vietnamese hair source: Wigs made by Gla Hair are 100% made of raw Vietnamese hair, which is the well-known hair material selected by many customers.
  • Quality ensured: Made of a long lasting manufacture that has more than 10 years in the field, Gla Hair commit to provide strict hair control and craftsmanship, ensuring highest quality for customers.
  • The conformity: We understand that a top-notch wig needs to fit with customers. Therefore, Gla Hair can satisfy their customers by giving customers a customized and personalized choice of numerous wigs type, sizes of head and hair density.
  • Freedom in styling selections: Customers can choose various options in hair colors, styles and length.
Wigs at Gla Hair has finished with thin and natural HD lace
Wigs at Gla Hair has finished with thin and natural HD lace

Types of common wigs that European hair wigs wholesaler offer

Normally, a wig includes two parts: the cap works as a base, giving the sphere structure for your wigs and wefts hair layer creating volumes and density.

Along with the development of technology and the history of wigs, selections of wigs also increase relatively, so these are 5 typical categories of wigs that are widely available in most hair wig wholesalers in the European hair extensions market.

Regular Wigs

These are the traditional choice of wig with versatile wigs that are suitable for ordinary requirements. This type of wig also has the most affordable price and is produced on a mass scale globally.

Regular Wig From Gla Hair
Regular Wig From Gla Hair

HD Lace Wigs

Having the same structure with regular wigs, HD lace wigs feature a thinner and smaller-size net that blends seamlessly with the scalp, creating a more natural look for users. Customers should check for the type of HD lace wigs as it might be a different pattern and standard between manufacturers.

Closer look at HD lace wig
Closer look at HD lace wig

Transparent Wigs

These transparent lace bases are another level of complexity as they are made with transparent color yet still by stretchy fabric as regular lace, making them hold wigs in position firmly and virtually undetectable when customers wear them on their scalp. This type of wigs are often used for professional purposes as the lace is super thin, requiring carefulness and fluency of users.

Transparent lace comes with different shades to blend with natural skin tone
Transparent lace comes with different shades to blend with natural skin tone

Glueless Wigs

Glueless wigs are revolutionized wigs that don’t require glue or tape as attachment, providing an easy, convenient experience. This type of wig is more likely to be offered by high-tech hair wig wholesalers as it requires skillful work of the manufacturer.

Glueless wigs with clear and neat laces 
Glueless wigs with clear and neat laces

Fake Scalp Wigs

These wigs have a pre-made fake scalp that mimics the scalp structure underneath the layers of hair. In only one knot, there is only one strand of hair, bringing a natural look without the need for wig caps or additional layers. This type of wigs thus have a higher price level as it takes more effort and higher skill to manufacture.

Fake scalp wig has two layers of lace to mimic real scalp
Fake scalp wig has two layers of lace to mimic real scalp

Swiss Wigs

Swiss lace wigs are the superior version of HD lace that use fine Swiss lace for a lightweight and breathable feel. Swiss wigs' meshes are bigger, so in the process of adjusting to fit the user, Swiss requires greater dexterity to lace blend well into the skin. Due to these product characteristics, Swiss lace is suitable for users who already have experience using wigs.

Swiss lace wigs and its thin lace 
Swiss lace wigs and its thin lace

How to give a proper care for Wigs

Wigs are like an investment to boost the appearance and the confidence of the users. Moreover, high-quality wigs are created by real human hair, so caring for it as your real hair is the necessary thing you would do for your wigs. Follow these tips to maintain the shiny look and condition of your wigs.

  • Washing frequently: Wash your wig after every 5-8 wears or once a week if you use it usually. Wash it gently and with as much care as possible, especially when they are superior types as HD lace, transparent wigs because these laces are so thin and delicate.
  • Use wig-specific products: Choose shampoos, conditioners, and styling products designed for wigs such as glues for wigs and detangling comb.
  • Use a mannequin head: A mannequin helps to maintain the wig’s shape. If you leave it unused for a long time, storing wigs in closed plastic bags to prevent humidity buildup.
  • Avoid heat application: Prioritize put your wigs away from direct sunlight and let it dry naturally on the wig stand. If you need to use hair dryer, put it in low head mode to dry.

Even you are individual customers or hair wig wholesalers, acknowledging these tips are vital to lengthen wigs longevity.

Do’s to keep your wig beautiful
Do’s to keep your wig beautiful

Gla Hair Factory – Best hair wig wholesalers to buy top notch wigs

Working more than 10 years in the real human hair extensions fields and specialize in providing high quality hair extensions and wigs for the European market, Gla Hair commit to make your money worth by best products at the factory price.

  • Gla Hair is able to fulfill large orders thanks to its direct factory with more than 125 employees and its own welcoming and customer service office.
  • The Factory can finish the order in just around 2 weeks and then ship to global in 7-10 days.
  • Moreover, understanding our customers’ desire, Gla Hair also gives promotions and deals for hair wig wholesalers , so contact Gla Hair now to get a better insight into wigs that you want and get this bargain.

Contact us:

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  • Whatsapp/Number/ Hotline: +84349008247
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  • Instagram: glahairvietnam

Wigs are a great friend not only for stylish girls but also something that makes us more confident. If you are finding to high quality hair wigs wholesale at reasonable prices, Gla Hair products are a must-see for business that you should not ignore.


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