Premium Vietnamese Hair Colored Wig

Make yourself fashionable and stand out in any place by wearing a Premium Vietnamese Hair Colored Wig  that is beautifully made of 100% raw Vietnamese hair.

  • Length: customizable
  • Hair material: High-quality raw Vietnamese human hair
  • Style: Customizable
  • Color: Customizable with any color
  • Worldwide Shipping: from 7 to 10 days




This Premium Vietnamese Hair Colored Wig is a trendy type of wigs that is like signature for girls in the world wigs. Coming with many colors, these wigs aim to build up a confident shield for anybody wearing it.

Information about Premium Vietnamese Hair Colored Wig

Below are exact details of the item Premium Vietnamese Hair Colored Wig :

Product name Premium Vietnamese Hair Colored Wig 
Length 8-32 inches
Dimension Customizable
Type Normal lace, HD lace (Customizable)
Hair material 100% raw Vietnamese human hair, no synthetic
Hair Color Piano, colored color (customizable)
Life span  3-5 years
Ability to be re dyed No
Heat resistance Yes
MOQ (Minimum order quantity) 1

Information about Premium Vietnamese Hair Colored Wig 

Features of Premium Vietnamese Hair Colored Wig

Gla Hair is glad to provide customers with our top-notch hair wig that is unique and extraordinary in the wig market, especially European wig & hair extensions with vast selections.

  • The item is made from high quality material: As same as other items, Gla Hair only uses 100% ethically sourced Vietnamese raw hair to make wigs & hair extensions. 
  • Hair texture is naturally silky and durable as its Vietnamese typical characteristic.
  • Wigs at Gla Hair experience a strict manufacturing process and quality control, ensuring the wig can be firmly attached to the customer’s head and worn comfortably. 
  • Premium lace base: The lace composition is made of a fine sheer mesh that is incredibly light and breathable, which improves the wig’s comfort level when worn for extended periods of time.
  • Natural appearance: The thin and stretch, soft lace creates the impression that the hair is sprouting straight from the scalp by imitating the look of a natural scalp. Frontal wigs can produce a smooth, invisible look when applied correctly.
  • Customization: Gla Hair offers wigs that may be made to match specific tastes in terms of length, color, and texture, thus customers can get wigs that match with their skin tone better. 

Real images of Premium Vietnamese Hair Colored Wig

Below are some real footages of wigs at Gla Hair with basic colors of wigs:

Tips to keep Premium Vietnamese Hair Colored Wig in good condition

To make your wig gain longevity from 3-5 years as the estimation, correctly having a wig care routine is necessary. Acknowledge these tips as below will help it last much longer. 

  • Storing your wig on a mannequin to preserve the sphere shape of the wig. Avoid pressing on the product or applying strong force to the item Premium Vietnamese Hair Colored Wig  as it can cause the hair to break or be damaged. 
  • With this product, customers should use gentle hair care products, avoid products with a high pH (above 6) or products with strong cleansing agents as it can cause wigs to fade. 
  • The wig hair care is the same as real hair, you should not apply too much heat to the hair. The highest temperature for wig hair should be 200 degrees Celsius, higher will be easy for ants to dry and fall out.

Wholesale price of Premium Vietnamese Hair Colored Wig

Currently, Gla Hair Vietnam is giving a good price level for wigs as it’s an on-trend item in the European wigs & hair extensions market. 

Specifically, with large orders from 10 wigs, customers will get $5 off for each one. In addition, on special occasions, we also give promotions and discounts, so follow Gla Hair to know more and to get wigs at even better prices!

2×4 Lace 
Size in inch Thin  Thick  Super thick  HD Swiss lace 
8 – 16 inches $49 -$69 $56 – $81 $63 – $92
  • $10
18 – 24 inches  $76 – $109 $89 – $128  $102 – $148 
26 – 32 inches  $135 – $246 $158 – $274  $180 – $284

Sample price list of 2×4 lace wig at Gla Hair

Place to buy Premium Vietnamese Hair Colored Wig 

Among many wigs and hair extensions suppliers, Gla Hair is an ideal choice for those who are searching for high quality human wigs at a competitive range of price.

  • We provide a wide selection of hair extensions and wigs made entirely of raw Vietnamese human hair, ensuring the uniformity in wigs’ quality.
  • Gla Hair is always available 24/7 to give a thorough consultation to our customers. 
  • We are pleased to offer specials and discounts to consumers who place large orders, helping them get the best deal.

About the occasional sale, Gla Hair offers $69 for a black bone straight wig at 8” while other colors are $79. Contact Gla Hair now to catch the deal!

Contact us: 

  • Website: 
  • Whatsapp/ Hotline: (+84) 349008247
  • Email:
  • Instagram: glahairvietnam

Premium Vietnamese Hair Colored Wig is a must-have item that every woman should have if they want to access the wig field as it’s versatile and easy to style.


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