Premium Vietnamese Hair Ombre Color Wig

The Premium Vietnamese Hair Ombre Color Wig is on top of the search list in the European wig market thanks to its trend-catching design and reasonable price.

  • Dimension: Customizable
  • Hair material: 100% raw Vietnamese human hair, no mixed or synthetic
  • Style: Customizable
  • Color: Ombre color (Customizable)
  • Worldwide Shipping: from 7 to 10 days



This product is in high demand because of its outstanding quality, reasonable cost, and distinctive design. Let’s examine in-depth details regarding Vietnamese Vietnamese Hair Ombre Color Wig in this post.

Overview of Premium Vietnamese Hair Ombre Color Wig

Possessing the qualities of a high-quality product and trend-catching style, this Premium Vietnamese Hair Ombre Color Wig stands out among other wig products and reaches many ladies’ eye. 

Product name Premium Vietnamese Hair Ombre Color Wig
Length 8-32 inches
Dimension Customizable (2×4, 2×6, 4×4, 5×5, 6×6, etc)
Type Normal lace, HD lace (Customizable)
Hair material 100% raw Vietnamese human hair, no synthetic
Hair Color Piano, colored color (customizable)
Life span  3-5 years
Ability to be re dyed No
Heat resistance Yes
MOQ (Minimum order quantity) 1

Information about premium Premium Vietnamese hair ombre color wig

Key features of Premium Ombre Color Wig

Made from premium human raw hair, Gla Hair’s Vietnamese Hair Ombre Color Wigs has many advantages in hair texture: It is silky, naturally shiny, and thick without flaking or drying out.

  • Beautiful ombre coloring: This hairstyle has visual intrigue and depth because of the ombre effect, which goes from darker colors at the roots to lighter shades at the ends, or vice versa, creating a beautiful gradient effect.
  • Gla Hair’s sophisticated coloring methods contribute to uniformity and excellent color endurance in hair color, and the quality of the wig is strictly controlled for highest output.
  • Personalization options: Understandings needs of customers in uniqueness, Gla Hair provides consumers with the ability to customize their Ombre Straight Wigs to suit their individual needs.
  • Comfortable fit: The wig’s lightweight, breathable cap construction, which is designed to maximize wearer comfort, guarantees a comfortable fit all day. Adjustable straps offer a snug and personalized fit that makes it easy for the wig to stay in place.
  • Durability: This Gla Hair’s ombre wigs are made with the utmost care, quality, and attention to detail. Because of the high-quality materials and skillful craftsmanship, it will last for up to 3-5 years with proper care, making the investment worthwhile.

If you’re a human hair wig wholesaler that seeks for the most fashionable and favored hair items available in the European wig market, you simply must not miss these Gla Hair premium ombre colored wigs.

Real images of Premium Vietnamese Ombre Color Hair Wig

Let’s explore some real photos of this hair type:

Wholesale price of Premium Ombre Color Wig

One of Gla Hair’s greatest assets, in addition to its superior hair, is its reasonable rates, which have enabled it to draw in hundreds of thousands of significant partners from all over the world, including hair salons, hair suppliers, and hair companies. 

Furthermore, we frequently host a number of alluring deals that give clients access to Premium Vietnamese Hair Ombre Color Wigs at the most competitive possible cost, which is just around $80 for 8 inches with 2×4 dimension, frontal wig. 

Contact Gla Hair for a specific price with different selections in your perfect matching ombre colored wig.

Do and don’ts with premium Vietnamese Hair Ombre Color Wigs

Taking care of Vietnamese Hair Ombre Color Wigs is crucial to maintaining its quality, appearance, and longevity. These are things you should do and shouldn’t do on your wig:

  • You should brush it regularly: Before and after each wear, gently brush your wig with a wig brush or wide-tooth comb to remove tangles and prevent matting. Start from the ends and gradually work your way up to the roots, avoiding stretching the roots.
  • Washing is necessary: Wash your wig every 7-10 wears or as needed to remove the buildup of styling products and oils. Fill a basin with lukewarm water and add a small amount of wig shampoo. Gently immerse the wig and swish it around, then rinse thoroughly with cool water.
  • Put condition to make it smooth: After washing, apply a small amount of conditioner to the wig, avoiding the roots or cap area. Leave the conditioner on for a few minutes, then rinse thoroughly with cool water to lock in moisture and keep the hair soft and manageable.
  • Don’t apply chemicals on this item: It’s treated in the bleaching and dyeing process, so you shouldn’t apply chemicals on them as it harms the hair texture. 

By following these care tips, you can ensure that your Premium Ombre Color Wigs from Gla Hair can stay beautiful and maintain its quality for as long as possible.

Where to buy Premium Ombre Color Wigs

One of the most well-known and prominent addresses in Vietnam for excellent Vietnamese hair ombre color wigs is Gla Hair Manufacturer

High-grade materials and meticulous selection guarantee the most natural color and quality in Gla Hair’s wigs. The quality and attractiveness of products are guaranteed by the experienced laborers who design and construct them.

With more than 11 years in the hair industry and the experience of serving 1500 customers worldwide, Gla Hair is always willing and ready to satisfy our customers’ requirements, helping them with gorgeous ombre color hair wigs at a reasonable price.

Contact us:

  • Website: 
  • Whatsapp/ Hotline: (+84) 349008247
  • Email:
  • Instagram: glahairvietnam

For the most guidance and assistance while buying a Premium Vietnamese Hair Ombre Color Wig from Gla Hair, please get in touch with us right now. Follow Gla Hair to receive more information about our top-rated wigs!


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