Premium Vietnamese Hair Natural Color Wig

This premium Vietnamese hair natural color wig is a hit to European ladies for its beautiful texture and seamless blending ability into users’ natural hair. 

  • Length: customizable
  • Hair material: High-quality raw Vietnamese human hair
  • Style: Customizable
  • Color: Natural color 
  • Worldwide Shipping: from 7 to 10 days

SKU: 701


Step in the wigs’ world with great hair texture with this Gla Hair’s new natural hair color wigs and enjoy the feeling of these silky, natural hair.

Information about premium Vietnamese hair natural color wig

Premium Vietnamese Hair Natural Color Wig at Gla Hair is made from 100% Vietnamese hair, which can be customized in length and style to suit the requirements of customers. With adjustments in each specific item, you can see at the price list below:

Product name Premium Vietnamese Hair Natural Color Wig
Length 8-32 inches
Dimension Customizable
Type Normal lace, HD lace (Customizable)
Hair material 100% raw Vietnamese human hair, no synthetic
Hair Color Black (Natural hair color of Vietnamese)
Life span  3-5 years
Ability to be bleached and dyed Yes
Heat resistance Yes
MOQ (Minimum order quantity) 1

Information about premium Vietnamese hair natural color wig

Features of premium Vietnamese hair natural color wigs

Outstanding characteristic that set Gla Hair’s premium Vietnamese hair natural color wigs apart are:

  • High-quality material: premium Vietnamese hair with natural hair color wig is made entirely of 100% Vietnamese human hair, which is original with no chemical process of treatment. The hair’s inherent texture and quality will be preserved in this way.
  • Authentic feel: Made of high-quality Vietnamese hair, it remains genuine texture, providing smooth, silky, and pleasant appearance as it’s your healthy real hair. 
  • Realistic HD lace: This product is made of high-quality HD lace that is thin but durable, ensuring a beautiful blend to customers’ skin tone, bringing a natural and elegant look. 
  • Durability: The product is completed with high complexation as Gla Hair processes the hair using the mix of machine and hand tie process. This guarantees customers’ comfort and helps this product last much longer. 

These are reasons why this premium Vietnamese hair natural color wig is an ideal choice for elegant and luxurious ladies that focus on the quality, realistic, and natural feel. 

Wholesale price of premium Vietnamese hair natural color wig

Gla Hair provides a reasonable wholesale price for this premium which thanks to the form of direct manufacturer they can sell wholesale wigs & hair extensions to customers at a more competitive price. With larger orders from 10 wigs, customers will get $5 off for each one. 

Below is the sample price list of wigs at Gla Hair for your reference: 

2×4 Lace 
Size in inch Thin  Thick  Super thick  HD Swiss lace 
8 – 16 inches $49 -$69 $56 – $81 $63 – $92
  • $10
18 – 24 inches  $76 – $109 $89 – $128  $102 – $148 
26 – 32 inches 

$135 – $246

$158 – $274  $180 – $284

Sample price list of 2×4 lace wig at Gla Hair

Real images of premium Vietnamese hair natural color wig

Have a closer look at this product to see details of the wig clearly.

How to care for premium Vietnamese hair natural color wigs

These are some basic ways to care for this real human Vietnamese hair natural color wig which are so easy to maintain its beautiful shape and shineness.

  • Washing regularly: Cleaning the hair properly is always a need. Wash your wig once a week or after 3-5 times using it to avoid oil and tangle.  
  • Use gentle hair care products: Wigs need to be treated by mild shampoos that are sulfate-free and fragrance-free. These things will keep the moisture better and make your hair softer, shinier. 
  • Drying process: The best way to dry a wig is to leave it dry naturally on a mannequin to keep the original shape. If you have to use a hair dryer, put it on low heat mode to avoid high temperature and dry the same way as your real hair. 

These tips will help you keep your Gla Hair’s wig in a gorgeous look while preserving resilience and attractiveness of these natural hair color wigs.

Where to buy a premium Vietnamese hair natural color wig?

Your best bet would be Gla Hair Manufacturer – the most well-known hair factory in Vietnam. We take great pride in offering an extensive range of 100% raw Vietnamese human hair wigs and hair extensions, along with exceptional customer support.

  • A team of skilled workers with more than 120 employees who have more than 10 years of experience in the hair industry ensures that products are meticulously finished, quickly and on demand.
  • Gla Hair pledges to supply our wholesale clients globally with this superior Vietnamese hair natural color, as our hair products are sourced from reliable sources and meticulously processed to ensure their authenticity and lifespan. 
  • With customers who buy in large orders, Gla Hair is happy to give you promotions and discounts, assisting customers with the best price.

Contact us: 

  • Website: 
  • Whatsapp/ Hotline: (+84) 349008247
  • Email:
  • Instagram: glahairvietnam

In a nutshell, this wig is a good selection for a start in the wigs & hair extensions world, especially if you want a versatile, flexible wig that can be used on many different occasions. Gla Hair is here to answer and consult you on this premium Vietnamese hair natural color wig.


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