how to find the best hairstyle for your face shape

From identifying your face shape to discovering how to find the best hairstyle for your face shape. Follow basic tips suggested by stylists. Read for more.

Most people often choose simple, easy-to-style hairstyles like long straight hair. That’s not a bad idea, but does it fit you well? Finding the right haircut for your face shape can be a small factor as you thought, but it completely changes your appearance and charisma.

As professional hair stylists, we’re here to give you some tips to discover how to find the best hairstyle for your face shape. Keep scrolling for more details!

How to choose the hairstyle for your face shape
How to choose the hairstyle for your face shape

Determine your face shape by some highlight features

Before finding the right hairstyles, you need to accurately determine your face shape. There are 5 typical face shapes: Round, Square, Long, Oval, and Heart-Shaped.

The factors you should focus on are your forehead, cheekbones, and jawline. These parts of the face usually have a certain ratio, from which you can identify your face shape.

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Round face shapes

If you have a round face shape, your face will have soft, curved lines with a similar ratio between width and length. The cheekbones are usually the widest part, which stands out of your face. The jawline is typically rounded rather than sharply.

Round face shapes can be considered as baby or warm faces, which give you a timeless beauty, look, friendliness, and youthfulness. Some celebrities you can look up as inspiration like Selena Gomez, Ginnifer Goodwin…

The right hairstyle for your round face shape
The right hairstyle for your round face shape

Square face shapes

The jawline is the most attractive feature of square face shapes. This face shape usually has strong and angular features with a prominent jawline, creating distinct angles at the corners of the face.

The ratio of the face is generally proportional, with the forehead approximately the same width as the jawline. This face shape is quite familiar, like some celebrities: Hailey Baldwin, Margot Robbie…

The right hairstyle for square face shapes
The right hairstyle for square face shapes

Long face shapes

The easiest way to recognize a long face shape is by looking at your face length. The long face shape is overall similar to the Oval one, but longer.

The forehead, cheeks, and jawline may have the same widths, but the shape appears stretched vertically. Some celebrities you can look up are Jessica Parker, Liv Tyler,…

 The right hairstyle for long face shapes
 The right hairstyle for long face shapes

Oval face shapes

An Oval face shape can be easily determined by its balanced proportions, gentle curves, and is often considered the most versatile one.

The forehead and jawline are typically similar in width, with a slightly shorter length than its length. Distinguishing from Square face shape, the Oval one is gently rounded and has no sharp angles. The oval face shape can be mistaken as the long face, but the ratio of the oval face is in proportion.

The right hairstyle for Oval face shapes
The right hairstyle for Oval face shapes

Heart-Shaped Face

As its name, your face may look like a heart you draw out, with a wider forehead and narrower chin. The forehead is typically the widest part, and the chin is more pointed.

This face shape often exudes a sense of youthfulness and femininity. You can find some celebrities who have this face shape like Mary-Kate Olsen, Scarlett Johansson…

The right hairstyle for Heart-Shaped Face
The right hairstyle for Heart-Shaped Face

How to find the best hairstyle for your face shape

Once you have determined your face shape, it’s easier to find the right hairstyle for your face. Remember, there are no rigid rules, just harmonize the features of your face.
You can bring pictures of the hairstyles we suggest on your next visit to the salon.

Round face shapes

As the round face shape has soft and curved lines, you may want to make your face longer, leaner, and less round, especially covering your baby’s cheek. So, elongate your face and create angles to your round lines.

Hairstyles to choose
Hair stylists suggest that you can try Long Bob, Voluminous Layers and Textured Shag. “Layered haircuts can fit most face shapes, especially round hair” – according to Stylists from Lable. These hairstyles have a suitable length not to soften your round face,

If you want to attract all eyes when you come and show off your strong personality, try a Short Pixie cut with volume at the top. It can add angles to your face without making it look harsh.

Hairstyles to avoid

One of the most common mistakes when finding a hair from style for a round face is trying to cover your face with as much hair as possible. Not to make you look leaner, but it ends up darkening your face and emphasizing your curved line. Try to avoid harsh angular styles or thick bangs, which can shorten and widen your face.

find the perfect hairstyle for your round face shape
Find the perfect hairstyle for your round face shape

Square face shapes

If the strong jawline makes you not confident with your angles, the best choice is to try bangs and wavy hair. There are many kinds of bangs and wavy styles for you to choose from. But recommend that the best hairstyle suits your face shape is side-swept bangs and shoulder-length hair.

Hairstyles to choose
Some hairstyles you can try like wavy shags with wispy fringe, soft side-swept bangs, or long layers with fringe. Those hairstyles have medium-length cuts, and bangs falling to the side, which can both cover the sharp angles and soften the facial features.

Hairstyles to avoid
Avoid blunt bangs or too-short bobs if you don’t want to accentuate the strong jawline more. Also, Curly can widen the lower part of your face, so keep your hair slightly wavy or straight.

how to choose the hairstyle for your square face shape
How to choose the hairstyle for your square face shape

Long face shapes

The long face shapes have a lower ratio than the upper part, so you should try to widen and shorten your face to balance the proportions. Try the hairstyles that add volume to the cheekbones to not even elongate your face more.

Hairstyles to choose
How to find the best hairstyles for your long face shape? Waves and Curls are the greatest choices for those who have long faceshapes. These two hairstyles are simple ways to widen your face and achieve more volume, even if you have thin hair.

Have you ever tried having bangs? If you are too bored with basic hairstyles, try side-swept bangs. It not only shortens your face but also can help you to fix the problem of hairline being too high.

Hairstyles to avoid
1 rule you should remember every time choosing hairstyles for a long face is: “wider not longer”. Avoid one-length or super sleek hair, which just elongates your face.

how to find the best hairstyle for your face shape
Find the perfect hairstyle for your long face shape

Oval face shapes

Luckily, Oval face shapes can perfectly look good in most hairstyles, from long to short hair. Even if you want to try pixies or shags or funky styles, it still can go well with your face.

Hairstyles to choose
To make it easier for you to choose, we restrict some of the most trendy and perfect hairstyles for Oval face shapes. If you want to try with short hair, a Blunt bob, or a Long Bob shoulder-length cut with subtle layers will be the best choice ever.

And for those who want to have long hair, a Butterfly Cut is a popular choice for this face shape. Long layered haircuts can add more volume to the side rounds, exposing your features.

Hairstyles to avoid
Because you already have a balanced proportion of features, try to keep the hair away from your face and keep your face as clear as possible. Even though you can suit most hairstyles, a heavy bang is not a good choice for you.

 the right hairstyle for your Oval face shape
The right hairstyle for your Oval face shape

Heart-shaped face

When choosing hairstyles for a heart-shaped face, you should compensate for a wide forehead with face-framing layers. Shoulder-length hair will look best on this face shape, with added volume around the jawline.

Hairstyles to choose
According to Lable stylists, heart-shaped faces may suit best with Face-Framing Shag, Side Swept, and Layered. These hairstyles can drive attention away from the width of your forehead.

Hairstyles to avoid
Try to avoid having a hairstyle with middle lines because it will further reveal the flaws of your wide upper part. Instead of it, try to part your hair off-center and let it naturally fall on your non-dominant side. Not only balance your facial features but also highlight your favorite face angle.

Another tip for your hairstyles is skipping out on, thick bangs, which cover your broad forehead but also make your lower part narrower.

how to find the hairstyle for your face shape
How to find the hairstyle for your Heart-shaped face

Some hairstyles suit all face shapes

Sometimes, fashion hairstyles can be difficult to style and go well with multiple looks. Or you’re not really certain about your face shape and still confused between different hairstyles.

Knowing that, we suggest 2 hairstyles that meet the criteria: easy to style, go with several looks, and suitable for most face shapes.

The bob

A Bob cut can vary in length, from just below the ears to shoulder-length or even longer. That’s why it can be considered as an “easy hairstyle” because you can easily adjust the length depending on your preference, style, and face shape.

The Bob does not require any standard hair texture to style. This factor helps minimize the success rate for a “disaster”. The bob cut is perfect for those who find a hairstyle that can be easily managed and styled.

 find the right hairstyle for most face shapes
Find the right hairstyle for most face shapes

Layered Cut

According to our professional stylist: “Layered haircuts can fit most face shapes”. Cannot deny this statement, because the Layered is the easiest hairstyle for the question:”how to find the best hairstyle for your face shape”. With every different length, face shape, or style, the stylists can fit it up to you.

Similar to the Bob, the Layered Cut does not require specific hair texture. This is one of the most popular hairstyles young people choose these days because it aligns with the trend and is fashionable

 The perfect hairstyle for your face shape
The perfect hairstyle for your face shape

Can I style hair extensions to suit my face shape?

Absolutely yes! When using hair extension, the hair becomes almost natural and can be easily styled. Here are some steps you can do to style your hair extensions:

  1. Identify your face shape according to our tips mentioned above
  2. Choose the right haircut for your face shape by following our tips.
  3. Select the best types of hair extensions due to your demand and budget
  4. Customize the hair extensions by a professional salon to suit your face shape best

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How do you decide what hairstyle looks best on you?

The most 2 important factors to consider is your face shape and your style. Different face shapes suit each hairstyle, so understanding your face features can help you to make the best choice. You can also refer to celebrities who have the same face shape as you.

How do I find a good hairstyle that fits me when I have no one to ask?

If after determining your face shape according to the instructions you are still confused, you can try some applications and software to try on hairstyles. By using these AI applications, you can see your face with different hairstyles to choose from.

Determining your face shape is the first and most important step when you want to remake your appearance with a perfect hairstyle. It can become useful information when you consider a favorite haircut you see in a celebrity’s photo.

Gla Hair hopes that these tips can help you have a clear path on how to find the best hairstyle for your face shape.

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