best hair extensions for short hair

Get tips and notes from hair stylists from preparation factors to evaluation of each option to get the best hair extensions for short hair. Keep reading!

Hairstyles play a crucial role in shaping your attractive look. When you are no longer confident in your natural short hair, it’s time for you to change.

One simple and effective solution to boost your self-esteem is opting for hair extensions. These extensions offer a convenient way to enhance your hairstyle and overall appearance. This article will help you get some tips and notes to get the best hair extensions for short hair. Keep scrolling for more!

Can you get hair extensions for short hair?

As mentioned, hair extensions can be a highly effective way to add length and volume to short hair, especially for those seeking a quick way.

However, before getting hair extensions for short hairstyles, there are 3 crucial factors to consider.

The length of your hair

The minimum length to get the hair extensions is 3 inches. You need to make sure your hair is not shorter than this minimum length because hair extensions still need space to attach to natural hair.

If you have relative length, that’s a good sign. Because the longer your hair, the more natural it looks.

To get the optimal result it is recommended that the length of the hair extensions be approximately 1.5 inches (4 cm) longer than your natural hair. This will make sure the hair extensions can blend into your hair and look authentic.

If you want to get medium-length hair extensions, the ideal length should be within 18 to 20 inches (45-50 cm). But this length is only the best hair extension for not too short and thick hair.

The quality of your hair

The hair must be thick, strong, and shiny enough to blend with real hair naturally. Thick and healthy hair also helps keep the hair extensions for a longer time and does not affect the original hair quality.

Even though each tuft of hair only weighs 1.5 – 2 grams, too-weak hair will not be able to cannot carry hair extensions. It can cause hair damage and create discomfort when used.

For each different hair quality, there will be a variety of textures depending on the origin. Some types of hair extensions you can refer to are European hair extensions, Russian hair extensions, and especially Vietnamese hair extensions.

The hair extension type

There are a variety of hair extension types and each comes with its advantages and drawbacks. It is essential to weigh your options depending on your budget, and hair type.

Some of the good hair extension types for short hair that you can consider are clip-ins, tip-ins, tape-ins, and weft hair extensions.

can you get hair extensions for short hair
3 things to consider to get best type of hair extensions for short hair

Best hair extensions for short hair

After ensuring the factors of hair quality and length, it’s time to find out the right type of hair extension for your short hair.

This article will fully analyze the benefits and difficulties of each type, from which you will have a trustworthy source of information to choose from.

Clip-in hair extensions for very short hair

Clip-in hair extensions consist of pieces of hair with small clips attached. They come in a variety of sizes and weights for every need.

Pros of Clip-in

Clip-in hair extension is the most convenient way because you can use it on your own at home. It takes time to use it, and it requires professional skills.

From those hair extensions mentioned, clip-in is the most affordable technique. Not because it is cheaper than other types, but because it can be reused many times for different purposes.

Cons of Clip-in

Besides the advantages, clip-in hair extensions can be noticeable in short hair. Especially with hair that is too short, it gets a struggle to blend the extensions into your natural hair.
However, the thing you need to note is that the minimum length to use the clip-in is 14 inches. This length ensures the clip can be installed on the original hair.

clip-in hair extensions for very short hair
Clip-in hair extensions for very short hair

Tip hair extension for short hair

Tip hair made of small tufts of hair weighing 1.5-2 grams is glued to one end. Professional hair stylists apply for tip hair extensions by using heat to melt the glue and attach it to each small strand of your hair.
The minimum length of natural hair required for a successful application is around 4-6 inches (10-15 centimeters).

Pros of Tip hair extensions

Tip ins extensions are famous for their near-invisibility due to their small tips. This makes them easily blend with your natural hair.

Moreover, tip hair extensions are also known for their durability. Normally, hair extensions can be used from a few months to a year due to the workmanship and natural hair quality.

Cons of Tip hair extensions

Undeniably, tip hair extensions are a costly type because they need professional salons to do it. Therefore, in addition to the cost of hair, you will have to pay additional costs for a technician, hair dyeing, hair extensions…

Tip hair might also affect your natural hair a little by its heat. The use of heat to apply the tip can lead to a bit of dryness.

Tip hair extension for short hair styles
Tip hair extension for short hair styles

Tape-in hair extensions for very short hair

Tape-in hair extensions are a type in which hair is spread thinly on a piece of tape. When added on, it is pasted straight up each small clump of the customer’s hair.

Pros of Tape-in hair extensions

Similar to Tip hair extensions, Tape-in hair extensions for very short hair can be nearly invisible when applied. Most professional hairdressers are highly skilled in doing this type perfectly.

Recently, tape hair extensions gradually replaced tip hair because of their superior advantages. Different from tip hair extensions, tape-in doesn’t use heat to connect hair, which might damage your hair. it’s one of the good hair extensions for short hair you can consider.


Cons of Tape-in hair extensions

Tape-in hair extensions require continuous maintenance, which can become an investment of both time and money. You have to visit a hair salon regularly for touch-ups, and reapplication. Make sure you have a significant commitment if you want to use this type.

Especially, tape-in hair extensions are only suitable for those who have long, thick hair with a minimum length of 10 inches. So if you have very short hair, this is not the best option for you.

 tape in hair extensions for very short hair
Tape in hair extensions for very short hair

Weft hair extension for short hair

Weft hair extensions is a technique in which hair is machined and bundled into pieces (piece/bundle) with a normal weight of 100 grams.

Pros of Weft hair extensions

When you have relatively long hair (about 4-5 inches), using Weft hair extensions looks quite natural. Especially when the hairpiece is stitched closely to the scalp and trimmed to seamlessly merge with your natural hair, the longer your original hair, the more natural the extension will be.

Cons of Weft hair extensions

However, that result only really happens when the technique is performed by professional hair salons. Because it requires high craftsmanship and meticulousness, it will take a lot of your time and money.

Welf hair extensions for very short hair
Weft hair extensions for very short hair

Although all of the above are the best hair extensions for short hair, if you are wondering about the length of your original hair and still can’t choose, tip hair extensions are the best choice. Tip hair extensions can be the best hair extension for the shortest minimum length (only 4 inches) and look least invisible in very short hair. you can also do many hairstyles with extensions for short hair with tip-in.

If you have short and hair, you can refer to the detailed instructions for choosing the right hairstyle here: Top 5 Best Type Of Hair Extensions For Thin Hair In 2024.

Reputable place to buy quality hair extensions

An important factor that affects the results of hair extensions is the quality of the hair you apply. So the first thing to do after considering all factors is to find a quality and reputable hair supplier.

After an extensive search and testing of numerous products from many suppliers, one of the most trustworthy hair extension suppliers is Gla Hair Manufacturer from Vietnam. Gla Hair also is a reputable European hair extensions wholesaler for several years.

Their outstanding strengths in the hair supply market are:

  • They have a factory of over 1000 square meters to produce large quantities of orders. Therefore, you will be able to buy at manufacturer prices and without intermediaries.
  • Gla Hair Manufacturer provides a variety of products to choose from, from clip-in, tape-in, tip-in, and more with a variety of weights, colors, lengths, and qualities.
  • Gla Hair Manufacturer uses Vietnamese hair to produce the final products. Vietnamese hair is the strongest and shiniest of all hair types, providing good and sustainable product quality.
  • With their factory and highly skilled workers, Gla Hair Manufacturer can customize your order with many different colors, weights, and hairstyles.
Reputable place to buy quality hair extensions
Reputable place to buy quality hair extensions


Hairstyles with extensions for short hair?
When you get hair extensions for short hair, it seems like you can create just as many hairstyles as with normal long hair. Some popular hairstyles suggested are Bob, Layered Lob, Wavy hair…

How do you hide extensions in very short hair
By following these 3 ways, you can easily hide your hair extensions in very short hair to nearly invisible:

  • Choose the right technique to your hair and find a trustworthy hair salon that masters it.
  • Only buy and use quality hair extensions to have the best hair extensions.
  • Adjust your hairstyle by cutting or styling it to create the volume that helps hide the termites

In conclusion, all the tips and notes mentioned are everything you need to keep in mind, from determining the length and quality of your real hair to considering types of hair extensions and places to buy. With these notes, you can easily get the best hair extensions for short hair.

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