Cambodian hair vs Vietnamese hair: An in-depth comparison

Cambodian hair vs Vietnamese hair: Which one is the best choice? Follow this post for the most optimized selection in quality, supply chain and prices!

Gla Hair gives you a comparison between Cambodian hair vs Vietnamese hair to help you find a suitable hair extensions source for the sake of your hair extensions business. Reading this article to know “What is the difference between Cambodian and Vietnamese hair?” and find your best supplier. 

Things that Vietnamese hair and Cambodian hair share the feature

Located in the same area of Southeast Asian, these two countries Cambodian vs Vietnamese hair have some characteristics in common:

  • Hair color: The dominant color of human hair in both Vietnam hairs and Cambodia hairs is dark colors such as shades of black, mixed of black and brown hair. 
  • Hair versatility: Both human hair from Vietnam and Cambodia are versatile and can be dyed, bleached or applied heat to style the hair.

These are similarities that Cambodian hair vs Vietnamese hair have in common as they are all in the same weather climate and area.

Some things that Cambodian hair and Vietnamese hair have in common
Some things that Cambodian hair and Vietnamese hair have in common

Analyzing the difference between Cambodian and Vietnamese hair

Having something in common, however, below are significant things that create the differences between Vietnamese hair and Cambodian hair, resulting in the choices of customers when choosing hair extensions from 2 those sources.

The origin of hair 

The undeniable thing we have to look at is the origin of hair extensions.

  • Vietnamese hair is hair sourced from Vietnamese donors. In Vietnam, due to the fast economic development, Vietnamese ladies generally wear hair that hasn’t been heated – or chemically-treated. These women are from the highlands and mountains. Because they come from a special place, their overall quality will be preserved and may be ensured.
  • Cambodian hair extensions are taken from Cambodian people to make hair extensions. Currently, in Cambodia, hair materials are usually exported to hair manufacturers in China, therefore Cambodian finished hair extensions are sold by China hair extensions

Texture of Cambodian vs Vietnamese hair

To get an detailed comparison between Cambodian hair vs Vietnamese hair extensions, Gla Hair has divided into a table containing hair extensions features as below:

FeaturesCambodian hairVietnamese hair
Hair qualityA strand of Cambodian hair is thicker.Vietnamese hair has a reputable silk, round and firm hair strand with a thick cuticle layer.
Hair texture Cambodian hair strands are a bit coarser than Vietnamese hair, which needs better care by oil to make it smooth.Vietnamese hair straight layer brings into a natural feel, the hair is shiner and keeps moisture better.
Hair natural styleHair in Cambodia includes 3 main styles: natural straight, wavy and curly hair.The majority of Vietnamese hair texture is natural straight hair, while curly hair only takes the minority due to the gene of Vietnamese. 
Difference in hair texture of Cambodian hair vs Vietnamese hair

From these differences in these two types of hair source as Cambodian vs Vietnamese hair, it’s noticeable that Vietnamese hair might take less time for styling or using in the process due to the natural straight style save manufacturers the flattening step. They can style directly on natural hair because most hair material is straight.

Supply availability of hair extensions of Cambodian vs Vietnamese hair

The supply chain plays a large role in the position of the hair extensions segment in the worldwide hair extensions market.

  • Vietnamese hair surpasses Cambodian hair extensions because the citizens of Vietnam are currently 6 times the population of Cambodia (Vietnam has a population of 98 million while Cambodia’s population is 17 millions). 
  • Moreover, Vietnamese people have a tradition of nurturing their hair as a culture, making the hair supply chain become available and ready to source. 

This difference makes a big difference between Cambodian vs Vietnamese hair because large wholesalers or hair vendors tend to try to find a hair source that is abundant and available to explore. 

Supply chain of Cambodian hair vs Vietnamese hair
Supply chain of Cambodian hair vs Vietnamese hair

Difference between Cambodian and Vietnamese hair price

Price is also an important factor that needs to be considered when comparing Cambodian hair vs Vietnamese hair. When looking at price comparisons, Vietnam hair suppliers show a significant superiority over Cambodian hair. Here are some reasons:

  • Vietnam has more large factories supplying hair extensions: Vietnam has experienced substantial income growth, allowing the hair industry to grow at a fast rate and on a larger scale while Cambodia is still behind Vietnam in terms of economic development. Specifically, the average GDP of Cambodia is 1.680 while Vietnam reaches the number 3.759 USD per year in 2021.
  • Vietnamese hair factories can lower substantial cost because many hair suppliers in Vietnam operate in the form of a direct factory that source the material from only Vietnamese hair then manufactures hair and export directly to the global market without any middlemen.
  • Cambodia tends to export only raw hair material to other countries with the biggest partner is China, therefore the prices are likely to depend on Chinese sellers, the majority of suppliers are raw hair sellers, therefore finished hair extensions in this country have higher price levels. 

For these reasons, in a nutshell, Cambodian hair extensions are at a higher price than the majority of Vietnamese hair extensions, but the additional costs are in the adding fee as delivery cost to China to make hair extensions, import taxes and benefits for the middleman.  

You can look at some sample price of Cambodian vs Vietnamese hair extensions: 

Example of the difference between Cambodian and Vietnamese hair price 
Example of the difference between Cambodian and Vietnamese hair price 

A conclusion of Cambodia vs Vietnamese hair: Which one to select?

From the information above, you can clearly see that Vietnamese hair is regarded to be a more frequent source of hair extensions that are supplied with competitive prices and high quality while Cambodian hair might be harder to source and the supply is also limited, resulting in a higher price for this hair origin. 

Thus, you should choose Vietnamese hair factories as a credible partner to import hair extensions for the most financial benefit. 

Top 5 most suitable places to buy Cambodian vs Vietnamese hair

Checking out these best hair extensions suppliers from Vietnam and Cambodia. Remember to check the legitness of the hair extensions before setting the order and enjoy your high quality hair extensions!

Gla Hair

Gla Hair Factory stands out among numerous Vietnamese hair extensions as they focus on supplying only high quality real human hair extensions for the European market. 

  • Gla Hair Factory is a reliable supplier of superior hair extensions products that has experience of more than 10 years in the field.
  • You can buy hair at a discount since Gla Hair is a direct maker of raw hair products that work straight with wholesaler hair clients.
  • Gla Hair Supplier guarantees a consistent supply of high-quality raw virgin hair by using the hair of Vietnamese women directly. We provide a large selection of hair products, such as tape-in, tip-in, clip-in, and hair weft, to meet the needs of our clients.
  • Gla Hair gets trusted by 2500+ clients from all over the world and is well-known for premium goods at reasonable costs.
  • The price for 100 gr bulk hair with 16 inches length is now available at $45 – $50 for a bundle. With bigger orders, they also give free bundle gifts or promotions as extra benefit for their wholesale customers.

If you’re looking for information about where to get Vietnamese hair. Gla Hair is the leading hair supplier in Vietnam and caters to clients globally.

Contact information:

  • Website:
  • WhatsApp: (+84) 349008247
  • Email:
  • Instagram: glahairvietnam 
  • Facebook:
Gla Hair extensions are top notch hair extensions exported to European countries
Gla Hair extensions are top notch hair extensions exported to European countries

Vin Hair

Vin Hair Vendor is a respectable Vietnam hair factory that has been supplying hair extensions to Europe for more than ten years in the European hair extensions field.

  • Products: They have a strength in providing weft hair, frontal & closure, bulk, tape-in, and clip-in hair extensions.
  • Vin Hair Vendor includes their price list. However, they provide promotions and discounts to clients who buy in bulk. Customers can contact them for the exact price.  
  • Vin Hair Vendor provides clients with a comprehensive policy list that includes buying guidelines, privacy policies, shipping policies, and warranties. 
  • After ten years in the hair extension business, Vin Hair Vendor has received many compliments and devoted clients thanks to the excellent quality and services of their hair extensions.

Notice that Vin Hair doesn’t publicize the price of wholesale hair extensions, therefore customers should contact them for the exact price list, especially when you buy hair extensions in large orders. 

Contact information:

  • Website:
  • WhatsApp: (+84)356665661
  • Instagram: vinhair.oficial
Vin Hair Vendor supplies high quality extensions from Vietnamese hair
Vin Hair Vendor supplies high quality extensions from Vietnamese hair


This is a hair extension supplier based in Vietnam. K-Hair is also a good choice for buying hair extensions from Vietnam. 

  • Vietnamese hair extensions, including wigs, halo, tape-in, clip-in, and weft hair extensions, are their area of expertise. 
  • Because their hair extensions are produced entirely of remy human hair, which has all of the cuticles aligned in the same direction, the hair is smoother and less tangled.
  • The price of K Hair extensions is a little bit higher than other Vietnamese suppliers, it starts from $42 – $55 for 16 inches of hair, 100gr. 

Contact information:

  • Website: 
  • Address: 10a, 171 Nguyen Ngoc Vu, Cau Giay District, Hanoi
  • Phone: +84967894448
  • Email:
Some featured hair extensions of K-Hair
Some featured hair extensions of K-Hair

AZ Hair 

AZ originated as a Vietnamese hair extensions factory specializing in selling human hair extensions. 

  • They are based in Hanoi, Vietnam and have been in their hair field for over a decade.
  • Vietnamese human hair extensions, such as wigs and straight hair extensions, are the specialty of AZ Hair.
  • AZ hair accepts canceling orders and has a policy for return products. Remember that any complaint or refund order is only valid in 72 hours since the customers receive, and a transaction fee (30% of your total order value) will be applied for the cancellation as well as the refund process.

Contact information: 

  • Website:
  • Email:
  • Phone: (+84) 396634996
AZ hair best-selling products
AZ hair best-selling products

Cambodian Hair Extensions 

Cambodian Hair Extensions formerly SambathSoda International, established in 2014. This hair extensions vendor specializes in high-quality Cambodian virgin hair extensions.

  • Cambodian hair extensions primarily exports to the USA.
  • They offer virgin hair with cuticles intact, unprocessed and uncolored. Hair comes in natural black, brown, and can be bleached/dyed (except for Jet Black).
  • The hair category in Cambodia is divided clearly and available in various textures: straight, wavy (A & B), curly (C & D) (according to their own categories) with the hair length ranging from 10 inches to 30 inches.
  • Cambodian Hair Extensions provide hair extensions for both wholesalers and retailer customers. 

Contact information:

  • Website:
  • Phone: +855-69-690-957
  • Email:
Cambodian Hair Extensions focus on retailing high quality extensions
Cambodian Hair Extensions focus on retailing high quality extensions

Dellahs Hair 

Dellahs Hair is a hair vendor in Cambodia which is located in Phnom Penh and specializes in providing Cambodian hair. 

  • Each bundle of Dellah’s Hair comes from a single donor, indicating that it is from an actual human being.
  • Dellahs Hair has strength in distributing wigs, weft hair, lace frontal and lace closure.
  • The price of this hair company belongs to mid-end to high level, around $180 – $270 for a closure hair. 
  • Making hair extension products from sustainable and eco-friendly materials like silk bags is a top priority for Dellahs Hair when it comes to ethical hair procurement.
  • Dellahs Hair employs devoted full-time employees that collaborate with factory quality supervisors to oversee all production processes and ensure adherence to strict quality, environmental, and safety requirements. 

Contact information:

  • Website:
  • Email:
  • Address: Factory Operations- Phnom penh, Cambodia, Head Office- London, United Kingdom
Some images of the production process at Dellahs hair
Some images of the production process at Dellahs hair

Apsara Cambodian Hair

Apsara Cambodian Hair is a hair factory in Cambodia, specializing in authentic, premium raw Cambodian hair.

  • In addition to an online boutique, they have a hair collection that is manufactured and sold wholesale by a company based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.
  • Working on a smaller scale, Apsara Cambodian Hair mainly produces raw hair extensions with some styles as straight hair, natural wavy, big wave, starting from $45 for a bundle of 100gr hair at 12 inches length. 
  • Their price for hair extensions is regarded to be reasonable, not too high or too low, but when comparing these hair extensions in bigger markets, Apsara still has a slightly higher price. 

This hair extensions factory might be appropriate for customers who want to buy hair extensions from domestic Cambodia, with a small to medium quantity. 

Contact information:

  • Website:
  • Address:  No. 12, Street 12, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
  • Phone: +855 884013114

Above are some hair extensions suppliers from Vietnam and Cambodia that you should have a look at. Carefully checkout hair extensions from these addresses and find your best suitable supplier. Remember to take full advantage of hair factories as they can give you the most competitive prices for your business.

Apsara Cambodian Hair is a domestic factory provides only Cambodian hair 
Apsara Cambodian Hair is a domestic factory provides only Cambodian hair 

Frequently Asked Questions

Cambodian hair vs Vietnamese hair: Which one can last longer?

Both kinds are long-lasting if taken care of properly. However, as Cambodian hair is thicker and coarser in texture, it might be flattened before styling, making it experience more heat application and a bit less durable than Vietnamese hair. Even if you use Vietnamese hair or Cambodian hair, regular conditioning, avoiding harsh chemicals, and proper heat styling techniques are crucial.

What is the most popular form of business in Cambodia?

When searching on the internet, the number of Cambodian hair factories is much less than Vietnamese hair factories, most of them are suppliers that only sell raw hair material for hair factories. 

What are tips to choose the right hair suppliers of Cambodian hair vs Vietnamese hair?

  • With Cambodian suppliers, if you are a remote customer, you should follow 5 steps of choosing trustworthy suppliers, contacting the chosen supplier, taking orders and shipping and then receiving customers’ feedback. Read the full article at “How to import hair from Cambodia with 5 best detailed steps”.
  • Vietnamese hair suppliers, in contrast, are much easier for customers to access due to the speedy development of the hair industry. Follow this “A Complete Guide On How To Import Hair From Vietnam” to get a detailed guide with típt to find reliable Vietnamese hair suppliers. 

These are the comprehensive comparisons of Cambodian hair vs Vietnamese hair in hair texture, supply source and price along with 5+ hair extensions suppliers from 2 of these countries. Also, Gla Hair supports you with some FAQs for your most thorough information.

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