best hair extensions for wedding

To prepare a gorgeous bridal appearance for the big event, here are the top 3 best hair extensions for weddings. Keep reading for more information!

Preparation for the wedding is an important process from event planning to bridal look. One of the common concerns of brides is not having time to take care of hair that is thick and long enough to create their favorite style. However, it isn’t a serious problem. By getting hair extensions, the bride can have voluminous hair even in just a short period in a simple way. Keep reading to get the 3 best hair extensions for wedding to enhance your bridal look!

Should I get hair extensions for my wedding?

To make a decision to get best hair extensions for wedding, you need to consider the thickness and length of your hair, as well as the time available for preparation.Hair extensions will be the most effective option if you have less than 3 months to prepare and limited time for professional haircare.

In particular, hair extensions bring many benefits to brides during the important stage of wedding preparation.

  • A wide range of styles to choose from: depending on personal preferences and desires, you can flexibly choose hair extensions and styling
  • Save time: between having to spend 30 minutes – 1 hour a day to take care of your hair and not being sure about the results, taking the time to go to a hair salon and get hair extensions saves more time and is more effective.
  • Limit the impact of heat and chemicals on natural hair: by simply adding length and volume to your natural hair without using heat or chemicals, hair extensions provide a safer alternative for maintaining the health of your hair.

With the above outstanding benefits, it can be seen that hair extensions not only bring a clearly effective result but also reduce a tiring process for the bride.

best hair extensions for wedding
Hair extensions bring many benefits to brides during the important stage of wedding

Top 3 best hair extensions for weddings

There are many different types of hair extensions, but based on the needs of brides, we recommend the best 3 types of hair extensions for a wedding. These types of hair extensions can meet both temporary and permanent use needs for you to consider.

Clip-in hair extensions

Clip-ins hair extensions are the most popular choice and are trusted by many brides due to their convenience

The advantages of clip-in hair extensions:

  • Convenience, as they can be easily applied and removed without professional skills. It makes clip-in hair extensions suitable for personal use.
  • Affordable: it does not require skilled workers and the amount of hair used is also less.
  • Reuse: Can be removed and reused for many different purposes
best clip-in hair extensions for wedding
Best clip-in hair extensions for wedding to enhance bridal look

The disadvantages of clip-in hair extensions:
However, clip-in hair extensions are a temporary product for a certain period of time. After use, just like removing makeup, you also need to remove clip-in hair extensions.

For those who already have thick hair and are simply looking to add a little more thickness and length, clip-in hair extensions will be the best choice. These extensions offer a convenient solution to enhance hair volume and length without a professional hair salon. It is particularly suitable for people who only want short-term use on the wedding day.

Some of the best clip-in hair extensions for wedding are Raw Human Hair Curly Clip-in Extensions, Wavy Clip-in Hair Extensions, and Clip-in Virgin Hair Extensions. These clip-in styles are the most loved by brides and can meet most needs of brides.

There is a fun fact that. Even if you already have thick and long hair, wedding hair stylists still use clip-in hair extensions to add volume to style your hair. So it can be seen that this is the best hair extensions for wedding day.

>> See more the best tips to use clip-in hair: How To Take Care Of Clip-In Hair Extensions: Detailed Tips

Tip hair extensions

Tip hair extensions are small tufts of hair weighing 1.5-2 grams glued to one end. These hair extensions offer many ways to roll the glue head such as I-tip, U-tip, V-tip, and K-tip, based on the usage habits of each salon. To attach tip-ins hair extensions to customers’ hair, hair salons will use heat to melt the glue and stick it to each part of the customer’s hair.

Tip in hair is a solution chosen by many brides on their important wedding day. This type of hair extension brings many benefits, but it also has certain limitations. That makes tip hair extensions become the best hair extension for wedding.

best type of hair extensions for wedding
Best tip hair extensions for wedding to enhance bridal look

The advantages of tip-in hair extensions:

  • Invisibility: due to the small tips, making them seamlessly blend with natural hair. It seems that it will be very difficult for you to see the connection if it’s been done by a professional.
  • Long-term use: Different from clip-in hair extensions. tip-in hair extensions can be a long-term use, not only on the wedding day.
  • Ability to create of a wide range of hairstyles, providing endless styling possibilities.

The disadvantages of tip-in hair extensions: However, it’s important to note that tip extensions can be costly and typically require professional salon application, adding to the wedding cost and maintenance requirements.

If those drawbacks are not a problem for you, tip hair extensions are the best choice for those who already have long hair, but want to add more length and thickness. Tip hair is also for brides who want to use hair extensions for a long time.

Tip hair extensions are very diverse in style, from natural straight, bone straight, and curly to wavy hair extensions with a wide range of colors. Therefore, depending on your needs, you can absolutely find the right type of tip hair extensions for weddings.

Tape-in hair extensions

Tape-in hair extensions are a type of extension in which hair is spread thinly on a piece of tape offering a unique method of application. This is specially designed for salon use, the hairdresser will apply it directly by pasting each small slump of the customer’s hair. Tape-in hair extensions are the best hair extensions for wedding.

best tape-in hair extensions for wedding day
Best tape-in hair extensions for wedding to enhance bridal look

The advantages of tape-in hair extensions:

  • Invisible: similar to tip hair extensions, tape-in hair extensions can be nearly invisible when applied by a qualified hair professor.
  • Minimal damage: while tip hair extensions need to use heat to attach, tape hair extensions just apply directly to the hair, minimizing damage.

The disadvantages of tape-in hair extensions: Costly: it requires continuous maintenance, which is not suitable for hair extensions for wedding cost.

Recently, tape-in hair extensions have gradually replaced tip-in because of their outstanding advantages. Whether you have straight hair, curly hair, or deep wavy hair, you still can find the right tape-in hair extensions. Tape-in hair extensions can also be dyed to be your original hair color, which can naturally blend into your hair.

In general, hair extensions are considered a great solution for brides with short, thin hair or who want to quickly change their hairstyle for an important event. You should use and care for hair properly to prolong its durability. Guide you some hair extensions care tips: 5 Tips On How Do You Care For Hair Extensions.

The most reputable place to buy hair extensions

A crucial determinant factor that affects the results of hair extensions is the quality of the hair. Good hair extension quality brings the expected results. It helps make the bride’s hair the most natural and beautiful on the important day of her life. More importantly, it does not damage the bride’s real hair.

Therefore, the first step to take after considering all factors is selecting a quality and reputable hair supplier.

After an extensive search and testing of numerous products from many suppliers, one of the most trustworthy hair extension suppliers is Gla Hair Manufacturer from Vietnam.

 one of the most trustworthy hair extension suppliers is Gla Hair Manufacturer from Vietnam.
One of the most trustworthy hair extension suppliers is Gla Hair Manufacturer from Vietnam.

Their outstanding strengths in the hair supply market are:

  • They have a factory of over 1000 square meters to produce large quantities of orders. Therefore, you will be able to buy at manufacturer prices and without intermediaries.
  • Gla Hair Manufacturer provides a variety of products to choose from, from clip-in, tape-in, tip-in, weft hair, wig and more with a variety of weights, colors, lengths, and qualities.
  • Gla Hair Manufacturer uses Vietnamese hair to produce the final products. Vietnamese human hair is the strongest and shiniest of all hair types, providing good and sustainable product quality.
  • With their factory and highly skilled workers, Gla Hair Manufacturer can customize your order with many different colors, weights, and hairstyles.


How soon before your wedding should you get hair extensions?

On average, you should get hair extensions a few weeks before your wedding day. This is enough time for you to get used to how to use or care for hair extensions. During this time, you can also try pre-wedding hairstyling sessions to ensure satisfactory results

What is the highest quality of hair extensions for wedding?

The highest quality of hair extensions is Vietnamese virgin hair. Vietnamese hair is famous for its shine and strength, especially virgin hair that is not subjected to chemicals or heat

Do most brides wear hair extensions?

Recently, as brides are increasingly looking for economical, effective, and flexible solutions, more and more brides are using hair extensions. This is an easy solution to minimize the bride’s preparation process and worries before the wedding day.

In conclusion, with the above important notes, the bride already has the 3 best hair extensions for the wedding. The final choice will depend on each bride’s unique needs, desires, and finances. Hopefully, this will be a solution to help you have a gorgeous look for your wedding day.

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