5 tips on how do you care for hair extensions

Don’t know how to care for hair extensions? Save your effort on how do you care for hair extensions by following these 5 tips to protect your hair extensions.

Knowing that women are always in need of glowing all the time, Gla Hair gives you 5 best tips on how to care for hair extensions, ensuring you make a good investment of time and effort to keep your hair extensions in good condition.

Why should you care for hair extensions?

The first thing you should know before you find out how to care for hair extensions is to know the advantages and the importance of caring for extensions.

Below are benefits that you get when you take care for your hair extensions correctly:

  • Better longevity: Proper care for your hair items keeps hair extensions in better condition during the use and thus helps to lengthen the life expectancy of hair extensions. 
  • Keep beautiful appearance: Extensions that are well-maintained look more natural and blend seamlessly with your real hair.
  • Comfort when using: Good condition hair extensions ensures that consumers wear hair extensions comfortably and function well, while poor condition hair extensions can hurt users or make them feel insecure. 
  • Save time in the long run: The longer longevity and the better condition of hair extensions you can keep, the cheaper cost per use you have to pay. That is, you can save money when you can use your hair extensions for a long time with proper care.

Taking proper care for hair extensions is a vital thing for users even when you buy the best hair-quality hair extensions or synthetic hair extensions. Everyone who is a manufacturer, wholesaler or individual must know how to take care of your hair extensions for the sake of financial factors and using process.

Reasons why you must take care of your hair extensions
Reasons why you must take care of your hair extensions

5 best way on how do you care for hair extensions

Belows are 5 tips that Gla Hair has filtered out and given you to help you take care of your hair extensions the best.

Use with the right purpose

Acknowledging characteristics of hair extensions should be the first thing in the process of best way to care for hair extensions. Use hair extensions in accordance with the intended use, note the manufacturer’s instructions for the user. 

Below are some notices relating to hair’s features you can have a look at. 

If looking at the features of hair extensions:

  • Synthetic hair: This type of hair is made of fabric strands, making them only appropriate to wear indoors for taking pictures. Synthetic hair is vulnerable and cannot withstand heat or chemical application, therefore customers have to keep away from those things. This type of hair extension therefore has a lower price level.
  • Human hair: Human hair is hair extracted from humans and made into hair extensions, therefore, it’s more flexible and higher quality. As it’s real human hair, it can blend well into layers of real hair (with types of weft human hair, tape-ins hair extensions, clip ins human hair, tip in extensions human hair), bringing about a much more natural look to users.
Hair extensions can be made of human hair or synthetic hair with different types
Hair extensions can be made of human hair or synthetic hair with different types

About the hair types, there are 2 main categories of hair extensions: 

  • With permanent hair extensions as tape in or tip in, sew in: A tip on how to take care of permanent hair extensions during the use is not to brush hard at the tip of your hair extensions to avoid shedding of the extensions. Moreover, it also helps users to avoid getting hurt because these permanent hair extensions are attached firmly to the natural hair. 
  • With temporary extensions as clip-in hair extensions: Clip-in hair extensions are designed to wear temporarily, therefore customers shouldn’t use it overnight during the sleep to avoid discomfort, clip distortion or shedding.

Understanding what you can do to your hair helps to protect your hair extensions from harmful factors and slow the process of quality deterioration.

Brush your hair extensions correctly 

When you are finding how do you take care of hair extensions, brushing your hair following these steps for smooth and manageable locks:

  • Brush your hair before and after use: Brushing your hair before and after you remove your hair extensions out of your real hair to make it easier to brush.
  • Choose the right brush: Wide, round comb is the best type of comb that people might use for their extensions. These brushes are designed to gently work through knots without causing damage.
  • Divide your hair into manageable sections. Start from the bottom and work your way up. This ensures that you address tangles systematically and minimize the possibility of tangling and shedding.
  • Vertical strokes: Hold the brush vertically, with the bristles pointing downward following the cuticle direction will help you to brush it more smoothly. This gradual approach minimizes pulling and reduces stress on your hair.

Remember to be patient and gentle, especially if your hair is prone to tangling. Regular vertical brushing helps maintain healthy, smooth hair.

Descriptive image on the way to brush hair
Descriptive image on the way to brush hair

Frequent care as hair extensions are your real hair 

In the second tip of how do you care for hair extensions, Gla Hair wants to instruct you on what you should wash your hair with.

  • Hair extensions, specifically hair extensions from human hair are the hair strands extracted from donors, thus the hair extensions need to be taken care of like your real hair: using sulfate-free shampoo and no silicone conditioner to keep your extensions fresh and clean after some time use.
  • If you use styled hair extensions especially styles that are kinky, curly or jerry hair, using oil and applying it onto the curl is a suggested choice to keep the curl hold better.  

With synthetic hair extensions, you can still wash and apply oil on the hair, but you need some extra care during the use and wash it less in times as synthetic hair might be not as durable as real hair extensions.

Use appropriate shampoo & conditioner for your hair 
Use appropriate shampoo & conditioner for your hair 

Avoid using chemical & heat application 

The next step in how to care for hair extensions is to keep away from chemical and heat application as much as possible (except for when they lose their shape and need a reshape).

  • Avoid using chemicals and heat: To keep hair extensions in best condition, limit the use of heat and chemicals is recommended because most styled hair has to experience heat application and colored or bleached hair has to use chemicals by the producer. 
  • Drying hair the natural way: When using hair extensions, the best way to dry your hair is to let it air dry naturally. After washing, gently squeeze out excess water with a towel instead of vigorously rubbing. 
  • If you still want to choose a hair dryer, opt for the cool setting to minimize damage. Maintain a distance of at least 5 between the dryer and your hair to avoid excessive heat exposure.
Limit the frequency using heating styling tools and hair dryer 
Limit the frequency using heating styling tools and hair dryer 

Proper preservation of hair extensions

After you have done with the previous tips, a place to store your hair extensions also contributes to your hair extensions’ quality.

  • When hair extensions are not in use, put your hair extensions in a closed package and  store them in a dry, clean place to avoid mold and odors. 
  • Keep hair straight along the length of your hair to avoid losing shape as well as breakage in hair strands. Whether the hair extension’ length is too long, fold it gently to turn the hair into a curved shape. Do not twist them as it can make the hair tangle. 

This process will protect your hair extensions out of potential harm and remain in the best condition.

Storing hair extensions in the pack and hang them vertically
Storing hair extensions in the pack and hang them vertically

Making use of these tips to get an appropriate care for your hair extensions and enjoy your full, silky, voluminous hair everytime you wear your hair extensions.

The best place to buy high quality real hair extensions

Above are tips to maintain a beautiful look for your hair extensions. However, good hair quality plays a large role in bringing the best experience for users in the usage. Therefore, from scratch, customers should find a credible hair extensions supplier and get their own high quality hair extensions, so that top-notch hair and appropriate care will make your hair last for up to several years!

Among hair extensions suppliers in Europe, buying premium high quality extensions come with various selections, but most of them have an expensive price level due to the characteristics of the market. But customers now no need to worry about the price, Gla Hair can completely solve that financial factor, because: 

  • Gla Hair provides the solution for supplying top-notch hair extensions at a competitive price thanks to the advantage of being a factory that directly produces hair extensions and exports to foreign countries in Europe for the last 10 years. 
  • Gla Hair Factory sources from only natural vietnamese hair source, ensuring authenticity and original Vietnamese quality. 
  • The implementation of a rigorous 5-step production process guarantees high standards in every product that Gla Hair manufactures.
  • Gla Hair Factory provides fast and efficient customer service with transparent policies for their customers, enhancing the overall experience for clients. 
  • Hair extensions selections at Gla Hair are numerous: From bulk hair, clip in, tape in, tip in, weft hair to ponytail can be made with adjusted grade, length from 8 – 32 inches and different colors.

You can see some images of hair extensions produced by Gla Hair below.

Some sample items of Gla Hair Factory
Some sample items of Gla Hair Factory

The Factory takes advantage of direct production and wholesale export to European countries, thus they can lower the price and offer a competitive pricing, making their products accessible and appealing to a wide range of customers looking for quality hair solutions. Contact Gla Hair now for their most bargain transaction!

Contact information:

  • Website: https://glahair.com/
  • WhatsApp: (+84) 349008247
  • Email: glahair.factory@gmail.com
  • Instagram: glahairvietnam 
  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/glahairfactory/

Gla Hair hopes that this article can help you find useful tips in the using and storing process to successfully keep the best condition of your hair.

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