How To Wash Tape In Hair Extensions: Detailed Instructions

This post will give a thorough step-by-step guide on how to wash tape in hair extensions, and address some frequently asked questions about this topic.

Vital upkeep and treatment are key factors to prevent hair extensions from getting damaged and broken. If you don’t know how to wash tape in hair extensions or what method is best, don’t worry because this post will guide you through a step-by-step process that will make this task easier.

The importance of washing tape in hair extensions

Can I wash tape in extension? When it comes to hair extensions, it is common for some people to disagree with the idea that washing them is necessary, but in reality, it is imperative. To have tape-in extensions look good and stay on longer, proper washing must be done for them to be long-lasting, appealing, and healthy anyway. Several problems might arise from skipping routine cleaning, such as:

  • Tape-ins become tacky, and lame and stick to each other if you use a lot of styling products such as hairsprays, gels, and mouses. By properly cleaning these leftover residues, tape-in hair extensions look more like real hair and thus are more easily blended in with the real hair.
  • Dust and debris: Hair follicles are every day exposed to dust, dirt, and other pollutants which cause inadequate oil production and leave hair extensions lackluster, greasy, and lifeless. Constant washing removes all dirt and grease from your extensions, thus keeping them all clean and shiny.
  • Odor: Sweating, eating, smoking, and other environmental smells can all aggravate hair extensions. Washing them regularly prevents this foul smell and keeps the extensions smelling nice and clean.

Consequently, to the question “Can you wash your hair with tape in hair extensions?”, the response is yes, and doing so is crucial.

Wash tape-in extensions regularly to prolong their lifespan
Wash tape-in extensions regularly to prolong their lifespan

How to wash tape in hair extensions in 4 detailed steps

As we just stated, washing becomes an indispensable part of the maintenance regime to keep tape-in hair extensions looking the best and keeping their quality intact. This is a complete manual on how to wash your hair with tape in hair extensions.

Step 1: Preparation

Initially, you must be ready for tape-in hair extensions. It is important that you thoroughly undo your hair extensions before you wash them, to begin with. By this, the occurrence of any knots during the washing process will also be eliminated. Combing knots out softly by using a detangling brush or a wide-tooth comb, starting from the joints.

Remember to use warm water to avoid hair damage
Remember to use warm water to avoid hair damage

After this, fill a basin or bathtub with lukewarm water so that you can start to wash tape-in hair extensions. Completely submerging your hair extensions in water requires enough water. To prevent hair extensions loss their natural oils, heat water should not be used. If you want to keep the moisture balance of hair, use lukewarm water.

Step 2: Use shampoo and conditioner

Concerning how to wash tape in hair extensions, the next step is to apply shampoo and conditioner. Brush a little sulfate-free shampoo into each hair strand by rubbing your fingers on the hair length. Fight against rubbing and combing too harshly which may lead to breakage and knots.

The most important step on how to wash tape in hair extensions
The most important step on how to wash tape in hair extensions

Now that you have applied the shampoo evenly, thoroughly wash the hair with lukewarm water such that all the shampoo is gone. Also, work on the mid-lengths and ends of the hair to properly condition them. To equalize the application of conditioner, use a wide-tooth comb or your fingers. Spend a few minutes washing off the conditioner with lukewarm water.

Step 3: Rinse and brush again

Rinse tape-in hair extensions is the critical next step after learning how to wash your hair with tape in extensions. Ensure sufficient rinsing of the extensions with lukewarm water to wash out the shampoo and conditioner residue otherwise the hair will feel greasy or heavy.

Rinse and brush carefully to avoid any residue or tangles
Rinse and brush carefully to avoid any residue or tangles

After the extensions have been cleaned, use a detangling brush to comb them in a downward motion starting from the ends to the roots. This way; any hair strands will be de-tangled or even prevented from hair knots.


Step 4: Drying

Drying is always the last when you hear about how to wash tape in hair extensions. Lay a tape-in hair extension on a towel that has just been cleaned. With another towel folded in a medium thickness, gently push on the surface to remove any moisture that might be remaining. The abusive brushing of the hair may lead to frizz and breakage, hence avoid doing this.

It is also recommended to use a dryer on low heat if you wish to dry your hair. Lessening the possibility of heat damage can be attained by using a hair spray. Before putting the extensions away or doing any styling, make sure you dry them completely. Dried it up then dry them once more to ensure that it is glossy and free of any imperfections.

Make sure your tape-in extensions dry before putting them away
Make sure your tape-in extensions dry before putting them away

FAQs about how to wash tape in hair extensions

Here are some frequently asked questions about how to wash your tape in extensions and answers for this.

How often should I wash tape in hair extensions?

If your scalp does not get oily to make tape-in extensions greasy, this means you do not have to wash them as often as your natural hair. As you use them frequently, for example, at least every 10-15 wears, or every 2-3 weeks, go for cleaning them. You must be washing more if you are using the much hairspray or other styling products.

Do tape-in extensions ruin your hair?

In case they are applied and worn correctly, tape-in extensions normally don’t wreck your natural hair. To prevent tangling, matting, or loss, go for professional installation, cleanliness, and regular maintenance.

How long does a tape-in hair extension last?

In good condition, tape-in hair extensions can last up to 6 months. Increasing the duration of the life of your hair extensions necessitates your compliance with the recommended care directives.

Where to buy high-quality tape-in hair extensions?

Purchasing tape-ins from a reliable hair extension supplier will also lengthen its lifespan. There is no denying the fact that Gla Hair is one place you shouldn’t disregard. We provide a wide range of tape-in hair extensions for varying colors, textures, and lengths at very affordable prices. Our premium tape-in hair extensions are mostly made of raw virgin hair, so you can expect them to keep their softness, shine, and smoothness for a long time after many washes.

Please review carefully the detailed guidelines we have included in the article if you have some questions on how to wash tape in hair extensions. Don’t hesitate to visit Gla Hair if you are looking for tape-in hair extensions that are high-quality and require low maintenance.

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