Top 5 rated hair salons for hair extensions in Nottingham

Getting lost among hundreds of hair salons? Become an expert in your choice by taking in all necessary information about hair extensions in Nottingham!

Nottingham hair extensions application is a technique that can transform a short, thin hair to vigorously silky and shiny without much effort nurturing the hair. However, it requires skillful hairstylists to make their dream beauty come true, and that’s why Gla Hair is here to help ladies choose out their suitable choice. 

Figuring out top 5 best hair salons for hair extensions in Nottingham with Gla Hair and getting to know useful tips for your transformation.  

The importance of right salon for hair extensions in Nottingham

Considering to find a hair salon does a well done job for hair extensions is necessary for these reasons: 

  • A reputable salon will have experienced stylists who know how to properly apply and blend extensions, ensuring a natural look.
  • A good hair salon will use high quality hair extensions for their customers, which allows their hair to remain shiny, shaped and voluminous in a durable time. 
  • A consultation guarantees that your expectations are in line with the stylist’s experience and helps you better understand the process with the optimum kind of extensions (weft, tape-in, tip-in or clip-in) based on your desired style and type of hair.
  • Choosing a salon that prioritizes client satisfaction ensures ongoing support throughout your extension journey.

Hair extensions are an investment, so it needs correct care and consideration before making a decision. 

Why choosing the right salon for your hair extensions in Nottingham matters
Why choosing the right salon for your hair extensions in Nottingham matters

5 criteria to select hair salon for hair extensions in Nottingham

To all those glamorous girls, selecting a dear hair salon is as important as choosing their best friend. These are key points that you need to look at and analyze in a hair salon, especially when you want apply hair extensions in Nottingham for a game changer:

  • Stylist expertise: Stylist expertise plays a vital role in the selection. Carefully consider their qualifications, certifications, and years of experience of the salon’s stylists to have an overall knowledge of salon’s stylist expertise.
  • Facility: A good hair salon needs to have a full and professional setup for their hairstylist to work, including a suit with modern equipment, chemicals for the application process. 
  • Looking at the material, or component of what they use: High quality brings out reputation, so they must use good material to make hair extensions for their customers, especially with hair extensions:
    • Premium hair salons use high-quality hair extensions that matches best with customers’ finance level. Normally, high – end salon uses hair made of 100% human real hair so that the hair can blend well with their customers’ real hair and gain the best look for their clients. 
    • Some other salons can use synthetic hair extensions as the material they use also depend on customers’ financial ability and their needs. 
    • They might give you selections among types of hair extensions: tip-in, tape-in, clip-in in or bulk hair for braids that match your style.
    • Top-notch hair extensions can also be styled with heat and colored.
  • Service offerings: Big and renown hair salons tend to have modern technology to keep up with the growth in the hair industry. 
  • Customer service: Observing how they communicate with their customers to know the way they work. You can try to contact them to ask queries, let them consult you and see their process so that you can know better about the hair salon. 
5 criteria to select a hair salon
5 criteria to select a hair salon

5 top-rated salons for hair extensions in Nottingham

Nottingham is a vibrant place where many hair salons choose to be the location for their set up, making this city full of choices when customers are thinking about hair extensions. Gla Hair will give you a list of 5 best hair salons for hair extensions in Nottingham that you can rely on and get your hair extension done.   

Morgan and Company Hair and Beauty

Morgan & Company Hair and Beauty is a salon with locations in Nottinghamshire that serves Nottingham extensions. Their skilled team of hair stylists and beauty professionals is dedicated to providing exceptional service, making them get 5 stars rated on Fresha by more than 3000 customers. 

  • Regarded to be a GHD Premier Partner Salon, Authentic Beauty Concept Salon, and CACI Beauty Specialist Salon, they bring you the latest trends in hair and beauty. 
  • Services: From classic cuts to vibrant colors, their extensive menu caters to a variety of styles. Whether you prefer bold and bright or soft and subtle, they prioritize listening to your preferences to create a look that reflects you. 
  • Price: The specific cost for hair extensions services at Morgan and Company Hair and Beauty ranges in the mid-end section, which is from $45 – $70 for styling (not included cut or hair color). 
  • In total, a full set of curly hair extensions that has the length below shoulder may cost a customer $700 – $1000 (cut, hair extensions, styling and dyeing hair). However, notice that this is just the estimated price and the exact price can change depending on customers’ needs or other factors.
Hair transformation captured  by Morgan and Company Hair and Beauty 
Hair transformation captured  by Morgan and Company Hair and Beauty 

Contact information: 

  • Website:
  • Address: Unit 2B Riverbank Business Park, Old Grantham Road, Whatton in the Vale, Nottinghamshire, NG13 9FX, United Kingdom
  • Phone: 01949 850 222

Rush Hair & Beauty

Founded in 1994, Rush Hair & Beauty is a well-known chain of male and female award-winning hair. They have since grown into a chain with locations in London and the UK’s south. Rush Hair & Beauty has won the British Hairdressing Awards, the Loreal Color Trophy 2015, and the Fellowship for Creative Hairdressing in England.

  • Services offered: They provide a range of hair services, including haircut, hair color, treatment & styling services (including hair extensions). Moreover, they also offer some beauty services such as massage, manicure, pedicure, lashes and brown. 
  • Prices: The cost of services may vary especially when you want to use the hair extensions. For specific pricing, you can contact them directly at the contact information section below or visit their website.
  • Feedback: Reviews and comments from the general public on Google Maps give Rush Hair & Beauty 4.3 out of 5 stars for their outstanding work and the kind and kind reception staff. Moreover, on Trustpilot, their rating is 4.6/5 stars, which is a high rate based on 2010 customers.
  • However, there are still some negative reviews of this hair salon. For instance, one TripAdvisor reviewer showed their dissatisfaction following a negligent haircut at Rush Hair & Beauty.

Although reviews for Rush Hair & Beauty have been both good and bad reviews, the majority of clients give compliments to the salon’s stylists and services. If you choose to come, it’s critical to express your preferences in a clear and concise manner to guarantee a positive experience.

Rush Hair & Beauty receives many good feedback for their service and hairstyling
Rush Hair & Beauty receives many good feedback for their service and hairstyling

Contact information: 

  • Website:
  • Address: 20 Long Row, Nottingham, NG1 2DH
  • Phone number: 0115 896 9628
  • Mail:

M Hair Extensions 

Located in the heart of Nottingham, M Hair & Hair Beauty is also a well-known place that is opted to be one of the best hair salons  for hair extensions. Their hairdresser team has collected some remarkable awards such as the Outstanding Performance Platinum Salon award and Extensions Excellence award and gained trust and love from their clients.

  • M Hair Extensions is a reliable partner of Great Lengths – a hair extensions supplier that distributes hair to many nations in the world. They publicize the source of their hair extensions, ensuring high quality extensions for their customers. 
  • Services: They provide professional and bespoke hairdressing services, including blow dry, haircuts, coloring, hair extensions. Among those categories, M Hair Extensions put much effort in hair extensions application as their main service.
  • Price: As they use hair extensions material from Great Length, the price for hair extensions application there is quite high when compared to other salons. Although M Hair Extensions keep the price list for hair extensions secret, Gla Hair can estimate it might take from $800 – $2000 for a full set of hair extensions. Therefore, if you want to get your hair done with hair extensions at a more competitive price, try negotiating with them about bringing your own hair extensions.
M Hair Extensions and their products from Great Lengths
M Hair Extensions and their products from Great Lengths

Contact information: 

  • Website:
  • Address: 11 George St, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire NG1 3BH
  • Phone number: 0115 941 5117
  • Mail:

H&M Hair And Beauty Salon 

H&M Hair and Beauty has made a splash in the hair extension market in Nottingham hair extensions thanks to its high hairdresser skills as well as good service that they provide. 

  • Continuously awarded the title of top-rated hair salon on Treatwell, to date, this hair salon has formed strong partnerships with renowned brands such as L’Oreal Professionnel, Gernetic, Dermalogica, LPG Endermologie, and Indigo.
  • Services: They offer a wide range of hairdressing services, including haircuts, coloring, treatments, styling, and makeup, particularly focused on on-trend treatments like balayage and keratin blow dries.
  • Customer focus: They prioritize customer comfort and satisfaction, with a friendly atmosphere and stylists who offer expert advice. They also cater to clients who wear hijabs and those seeking privacy.
  • Price: The price list of H&M Hair And Beauty Salon is considered to be in line with the industry average, starting off with $65 for 2 hours work (extensions only). With a particular service that needs customization as hair extensions, the price may be higher as cutting and styling is an additional fee. For example, a full set of permanent waves with colored hair, cutting, and styling may cost customers from $200 – $400 at medium length with single drawn.
  • H&M Hair And Beauty Salon provides a free consultation meeting for their customers, so make sure you get consultation for the best experience.
H&M Hair And Beauty Salon uses permanent wavy weaves on customers’ hair
H&M Hair And Beauty Salon uses permanent wavy weaves on customers’ hair

Contact information: 

  • Website:
  • Address: Inside John Lewis, 1st Floor, Nottingham, NG1 3QA
  • Phone number:  0115 855 0755
  • Mail:

Fusion Hair & Beauty

When searching for this hair salon, Fusion Hair & Beauty is not only an exclusive choice for both genders in cutting and styling hair, they also put their much attention in supplying Nottingham hair extensions services for their customers, thus they provide an affordable hair extensions application service along with other hairdressing offers.

  • Services: They offer full basic services such as wash, cut, styling for braids and cornrow, treatment and hair extensions. The most dominant service at this hair salon is hair extensions and styling with extensions, including both weave, tape in, wig, pony tail and lace frontal.
  • Price: The price listed from this Nottingham hair shop shows that the prices for trimming and styling services are quite competitive, they start from only $15 – $70 for each category.
    • With hair extensions application service, they put the price on work (not included hair extensions, just hair dresser’s work). 
    • With weave hair extensions, it costs customers $50 -$120 for a set that includes work and hair extensions, which is considered to be an average price level. 
  • Customers who want to get a hair extensions job done should exchange clearly about the style, number of bond colors or other attributes. 
  • One thing to notice is that Fusion Hair & Beauty is not open on Monday as other hair salons, and you should book a consultation with them in advance when you come to the salon. 
Fusion Hair & Beauty price list of weaves
Fusion Hair & Beauty price list of weaves

Contact information: 

  • Website:
  • Address: 358 Aspley Lane, Aspley, Nottingham, NG8 5GB
  • Phone number:  0115 929 6609  
  • Mail:

There are hundreds of hair salons in Nottingham, but the list above are the top 5 best hair salons that can satisfy you with a glamorous hair and allow freedom in choosing hair extensions source. Don’t forget to choose top-notch hair extensions that suit you the best. 

Note when getting your hair extensions in Nottingham

One thing that you might notice from all these hair extensions shops Nottingham suggested below is that these hair salons usually put hair extensions done in the “consultation” section with customized caters. 

  • In the consultation, they can exchange to choose the type (synthetic or human hair, length, grade) that fits with customers’ needs.
  • If not buying extensions from a salon, you can choose hair extensions from countries such as Vietnam and India. There are many prices of hair suppliers who are also manufacturers, the price purchased at the factory will be more competitive.

Gla Hair – Best wholesaling hair suppliers for hair extensions in Nottingham

To all those customers or hair shops in Nottingham who are searching for top-notch hair extensions suppliers, Gla Hair is a top-rated choice on the list of best European hair suppliers that you shouldn’t miss. These bullet points below will explain why: 

  • Gla Hair Factory takes advantage of Vietnamese hair source, which is well-known for their strong and durable hair strand made by skillful laborers in the country.
  • Gla Hair is the direct source that manufactures hair and exports hair extensions to their 1500 customers globally. 
  • They have more than 10 years in the hair extensions field and have exported 100 tons of hair extensions to many large fields such as the UK, Germany, Belgium, France and Italy. 
  • Gla Hair Factory can meet a large quantity of orders thanks to owning a 1000m2 hair factory located in Bac Ninh, Vietnam, therefore this hair extensions factory is the source for many hair extensions set imported by wholesale hair vendors and salons.
Some types of weaves that Gla Hair provides in large quantities
Some types of weaves that Gla Hair provides in large quantities

Not only in products but the prices at Gla Hair is so competitive. Customers can gain such a good deal there:

  • Gla Hair can provide customers with a competitive price list that starts around $40 for 12 inches of bulk hair.
  • Weaves is the most common type of extension used at hair salons for hair extensions in Nottingham, and Gla Hair can serve with no additional fee from bulk hair to weaves! Rather than spending an extra $20-$30 for a kg of weaves, customers can buy beautiful and completed weaves with just the original price of bulk hair. 
  • Not limited to weaves, Gla Hair acts as hair extensions supplier Nottingham so they also produce tip-in, clip-in, tape-in and ponytail to meet the increasing tastes of their customers.

Gla Hair have discounts and promotions for their customers on special occasions, so contact them and exchange regularly to gain a good deal. 

Contact information:

  • Website:
  • WhatsApp: (+84) 349008247
  • Email:
  • Instagram: glahairvietnam 
  • Facebook:

Gla Hair hopes that you can find your way to your glamorous, silky and satisfactory hair beauty by finding top 5 hair salons that have the best hair extensions in Nottingham.

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